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Welcome and thank you for visiting our page and learning more about us and what we do.

We are a group of like minded people that believe we can "make music more."
Electronic music production has evolved with technology and gives virtually limitless tools to producers, disc jockeys, and live performers to bring a profoundly unique experience to audiences. There are over 700,000 tracks for sale in the Beatport Library covering practically every genre of electronic music and there are another 5,000 uploaded each week! Given that statistic it seems strange that every venue in this area should sound the same doesn’t it? There are many genres that are often lumped into a tag phrase “EDM” but they are each profoundly different. Our mission is to expose people to a beautiful, energetic, and soulful sound with both the uniqueness and substance to make them remember their night and the people they met.

We invite you to come to our events, bring some friends, and experience something truly different.  In the meantime like us on facebook under "Panther City Productions" or join the "Fort Worth Electronic Calendar" to stay connected to our events. 

Bringing people together and building social bonds through music since 2012. 

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